When your friends post questions and tag you for legal advice on situations outside of your area of practice, you may stumble and explain that’s not your area.  We can help change that!  All lawyers pass the same Bar and meet the same requirements, but that doesn’t mean all lawyers know the laws or practice in the same fields. This CLE educates and exposes lawyers to other practice areas and answers common questions lawyers are often asked.

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November 05, 2019 8:30 AM Eastern
7:30 AM Central, 6:30 AM Mountain, 5:30 AM Pacific
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Atlanta, GA
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8 hours, 15 minutes
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13 days
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Tuesday November 5, 2019
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The Honorable Ardra Bey  [ view bio ]
Steven Lefkoff  [ view bio ]
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Ben Gerber  [ view bio ]
Moses Kim  [ view bio ]
Tyler Schermerhorn  [ view bio ]
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Gillian O'Nan  [ view bio ]
David Sarif  [ view bio ]
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Adon Solomon  [ view bio ]
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Ranan Gal  [ view bio ]
Jeff Sand  [ view bio ]
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Brian Levy  [ view bio ]
Steven Richman  [ view bio ]
Matt Rosenkoff  [ view bio ]
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Jessica Stein  [ view bio ]
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John Mills  [ view bio ]
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